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Wellness Influence - The Book

How to create a wellness lifestyle business, make a global impact and leave a legacy that is in alignment with who you truly are!

  • Business is more than Profits

    Holistic Wellbeing and Sustainability need to be at the core of every business so we can create a future that is worth living in

  • The Inner Game

    Everything starts with finding your ‘Magic’ and overcoming your inner fear of expressing your authentic self so that you can share your passion with the world, move the hearts and souls of millions and feel fulfilled with what you do

  • The Outer Game

    Through precision, organisation and the perspective to keep the balance you can make the impact you desire and leave a legacy

I loved [Sebastians Workshop] because it outlined all the critical steps needed to differentiate your niche, define your ideal clients and allow you to effectively market your magic

Harry Armytage

Learning Difficulty Expert™

I would highly recommend Wellnesspreneur to anyone that is struggling to make their online presence stand out or to anyone that simple doesn't know how or where they fit in when it comes to the online space.

Susan MacGrath

Wellness Coach



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