Our story began in Europe, where we started a small business online marketing & building websites ...


... from January 2013 we travelled around Europe and ran our little web design business for 4 years. When we finally decided to come back to Australia and fully focus on the business, we found our Magic niche.


​We were naturally drawn to the wellness industry due to Teresa's family and training, and Sebastians excitement and passion for the possibilities of alternative treatments. But we were also drawn to the Wellness space out of frustration for the current mainstream health system and general education around health and wellbeing.


So we decided to help those business owners we love so much and empower them to change more lives and move the world to sustainable wellness.




CO-FOUNDER, Wellnesspreneur

On the right is a picture of me having a German 'isotonic sports drink'. :-D Best to be consumed in traditional Bavarian Lederhosen of course! 


When I came to Australia I learned a lot from alternative and holistic health professionals, which has clarified for me that our current health system is broken and western medicine is reaching its limits in many areas of health and wellbeing. 


Now, with Teresa, my partner in business and life I made it my mission to help those who are doing the right thing.


I help health, wellness and lifestyle professionals get the more high paying clients and be in Fun & Flow with their Wellness Businesses.


I am seen as the leading authority in Wellness Business Growth Training and our flagship program is called The Wellness Growth Club™.


My passion is to co-create 100,000 Influential Wellnesspreneurs™ who make a global impact and move the world to sustainable wellness.



CO-FOUNDER, Wellnesspreneur

On completion of my second university degree, whilst working 2 jobs and building a strong foot hole in an industry I thought was my future, I turned down my big dream corporate job to take a leap of faith and migrate to Europe with my partner Sebastian. I had decided that, although I loved what I was doing, that I no longer wanted to work in an industry that made me feel trapped and destroyed my creativity and others dreams. 


Whilst travelling through Europe, I had the opportunity to be really challenged by culture, language and isolation, and what this did for me was to help me find out what truly makes me happy. It is interesting what happens to you when you can't communicate prolifically, I realised I love to problem solve and support incredibly passionate business owners on their journey to change the lives of their clients.


We realised by working with a wide range of small businesses, that we no longer wanted to work with just anyone. But with  only with those who are committed and truly passionate about changing the lives of others for the better.


I now use my passion for creativity and design within Wellnesspreneur to help these practitioners and business owners share their magic with the world.

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