For Wellness Entrepreneurs:


Systems for Growth


​... that convert your marketing efforts into maximum sales.




Now is the best time to decide to step up & lift your wellness business to the next level.


The digital world has changed our lives and how we do business immensly. You decide whether to see this as a liberating opportunity or hindering overwhelm.  


It's never been a better time to move the world toward sustainable wellness, and we are on a mission to help more wellness entrepreneurs gain influence and make a global impact.​


And this is how (in a nutshell) ... you have to get the foundations right 
before you market and advertise your magic!


Your Genius and Niche

Get crystal clear on  how to express your genius to the world and attract the clients you love working with

Confidence and Drive

Take confident action with a pathway to your goal, clear next steps and the support to keep on track

Automated Systems

Implement systems, 
automation & processes, to have more fun and flow in your business.

Strong Networks

Forge strong 
partnerships. Build your tribe and grow your Influence, Impact and Income

... they have a refreshing understanding of the needs of solepreneurs like me. They get that I have a limited grasp of online marketing. They also have a passion to help me reach more clients sustainably.


Harry Armytage, Owner Listen4Life


We see this all the time...


You are not attracting, money is inconsistent and the impact is not where you'd like it to be

  • You don't clearly communicate your magic so it speaks to your audience, which makes it hard to attract and confidently convert your ideal clients, leaving you unFULFILLLED and everything is depended on you.

  • You are not making the impact you'd love to make because you don't have the right systems and strategies in place to grow your business and have to FREEDOM to do what you love.

  • Your business rules your life because you don't leverage your knowledge and networks effectively to reach more people and be in FUN & FLOW with your business





No matter if you already sell programs or treat your clients session by session, we help you to get more high paying clients.


We help you grow by showing you how to communicate your magic in a way that speaks to the hearts of your audience, grow your network exposure with simplified systems, automation and leverage so you become time and money free.





Get crystal clear on how to communicate your magic with confidence, to attract the right clients and feel FULFILLED.




Implement systems to create FREEDOM, so you aren't tied to your computer and can focus on what you love doing.




forge strong networks that elevate your reach to a wider audience and fill your funnel so you can get into FUN & FLOW in your business




... it has given me a lot of clarity and knowing my 'Why' has been huge for my marketing ... I well and truly achieved my goals!


Patricia Falcetta

FOUNDER - Social Living Solutions



We work with freelancers from around the world and without them we couldn't run the thriving business we've built. We are very grateful for those who work with us on projects, but below you can find out more about the founders of Wellnesspreneur.


Sebastian Hilbert


When Sebastian came to Australia he learned from alternative and holistic health professionals that the 'big 3': diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, can be prevented in most cases.


Sebastian wanted to be part of the change and now he is  a leading authority in wellness growth training. He is on a mission to co-create 100,000 influential wellness entrepreneurs who make a global impact and move the world to sustainable wellness.

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Teresa Armytage


I am a toxic free health & wellness advocate, the Co-Founder of Wellnesspreneur & The Travelling Beauty Blog, Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Content Design Expert.


I am deeply passionate about resolving underlying health issues by living a healthy non-toxic balanced life.

I work to empower and educate people to find their magic and make the difference in the world they desire.

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(I don't promise you all the answers, but instead a way forward that comes from my heart to support you as much as possible on your journey to become an 'Influential Wellnesspreneur')


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